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Music Marketing Strategist, Angela Carter

Angela Carter, Music Marketing Strategist & Music Marketing Coach

This blog is for musicians and music entrepreneurs who are committed to establishing meaningful careers in the music industry. This blog will feature articles and practical tips to help artists market, promote, and distribute their music. Topics will include: music marketing, music business trends, music business careers, music management, music promotion, music branding, and concert promotion.

My Mission: to educate, encourage, and empower indie musicians to deliver music that is valuable to their fans and to society in order to solve social needs.

My name is Angela Carter and I am the music marketing strategist and music marketing coach for Campaign You Strategy Group. I am committed to educating, encouraging, and empowering indie musicians to deliver valuable music to fans and to society to solve social needs.  I help indie musicians market, promote, and distribute their music by launching creative & strategic music marketing campaigns.

I love to share information, tips, and action steps that will get you moving forward in your career.  On my radio show, Music Success Radio, I give musicians practical tips on music marketing, branding and digital distribution.

When coaching my clients, I draw from my experience of working in the Digital Distribution Department at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment to help my clients build an online brand and digitally distribute their music. Using my experience as a music attorney in Austin, TX (“The Live Music Capital of the World”),  I help my coaching clients gain more influence and bargaining power so they can negotiate better contracts that protect their interests.

I want to empower musicians.

I look forward to partnering with you to strategically plan your music marketing campaign for long-term success in the music industry!

Contact the Music Success Coach: acarter@musicsuccesscoach.com

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