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Your Biggest Music Launch: Are You Ready?

Indie Music Marketing: Ready for Your Biggest Music Launch?

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Indie Music Marketing Series, Part 5: How to Get Media Exposure

If you missed any of the previous posts in this series, you can check them out here: Indie Music Marketing Part 1, Indie Music Marketing Part 2, Indie Music Marketing Part 3, Indie Music Marketing Part 4

In the indie music marketing series, I have discussed the 3 reasons why indie musicians are struggling to sell their music.  One of the reasons why indie musicians are struggling to sell their music is because indie musicians do not really understand the value of their music.  They don’t understand the value their music has to fans, businesses, and the media.  Today’s post will discuss how understanding the value of music to the media can help indie musicians get media exposure and get the media to promote their live show and music for free.

In order to be successful as an indie musician, you have to use your music to solve the problems of others.  You need to think like a entrepreneur.  So to get media exposure and attention, you have to first understand the needs of the media. (By media, I mean tv, radio, magazines, etc)

The Challenges & Needs of the Media

The media basically has three main challenges or needs:

1) To Build a large audience

2) To Keep their audience by serving the needs of their audience

3) To Tell Compelling Stories

Why does the media have these needs?  Let’s take a deeper look at why the media needs these three things.

1) The Media wants to attract advertisers.

2) The Media wants to gain credibility-to be a trusted news source

3) The Media exists to inform and entertain their audience

As an indie musician, you need to ask this important question: how can my music solve the needs of the media? How can I present my music to the media as the solution?

Strategies for Getting Media Exposure:

Based on the needs and challenges of the media, there are three strategies that indie musicians can use to get media exposure.  Here they are:

1) Create music that serves the media’s audience.  This strategy helps the media keep their audience through information and entertainment.  How can an indie musician execute this strategy and put it into action?  If you are a songwriter, write a song about a national tragedy or a local disaster in your city.  If you are a performer, perform a song about a tragedy.  You should find out the statistics in your city and pay attention to the news stories in your city.  What are the homelessness & poverty rates, murder rates, the number of domestic violence incidents, etc?  I’ll give you an example, if you are a singer from Chicago, IL, one of the biggest news stories going on right now is the murders and violence that are taking place in the city.  Over the last weekend,  52 people were shot between Friday evening and Monday morning.  Chicago Violence.  So this is a big news story and a big concern for Chicago residents.  If the media in Chicago does not cover this story, then they will not serve the needs of their audience, who are no doubt concerned about this.

So what does this mean for an indie musician?  You can add value by writing or performing a song that expresses the emotion of Chicago residents.  You could write a song about losing a loved one or about senseless violence.  Now, you can approach the media with music that serves the needs of their audience, that informs their audience by tying your music into a news story.  How can we take this a step further?

2) Create news:  create local events that make news

Once you create a song about a local news story, why not create a live show that centers around that news story. In my 3M Street Team Marketing Plan Audio Series, I share how indie musicians can get people who have access to their target audience to promote their music and live show for them for FREE and how to get the press to promote your live show for FREE.  One way to get the media to cover your live show is to create a live show that is newsworthy.  So, going back to the Chicago example, my indie musician in Chicago can do a “Peace in the Streets” concert.  To garner support and media attention for the event, the indie musician can find organizations and groups who also have the same passion to restore peace in Chicago.  One group who will be in support of your live concert would be the families and friends of the deceased.  How do you find the organizations who would support the show? Pay attention to the news! The media will find these people for you; pay attention to the people that the local news interviews when discussing the violence in Chicago or the local news stories in your city.  Contact them and pitch them the idea of your concert!

You can even agree to donate the proceeds of the concert to some of the local organizations in your city that support peace or to the families that have been affected by the tragedy.

Now, when you pitch the concert to the media, there is a local news-tie.  Your show will now be something of interest to their audience.  This is how you gain media exposure and attention: serve the media’s needs first!!

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Indie Music Marketing Series Part 3: How to Get Music Exposure, Sponsorships, and Publicity

This is Part 3 of the Indie Music Marketing Series: Why Indie Musicians are Struggling to Sell Their Music.  If you missed the other two posts in this series, you can check them out here: Indie Music Marketing Series Part 1 and Indie Music Marketing Series Part 2

I have discussed that one of the reasons why indie musicians are struggling to sell their music is that they have forgotten or are not aware of, the true value and power of music.  They are not leveraging the value of their music.  Most indie musicians are not creating music to solve the problems of other people.  They are not thinking and behaving like music entrepreneurs.  It is important to understand the value of the music you make, to know how your music solves the problems of others.  So for the next few posts in the series, I will share the value of  music.  In this post and the following post, I will share how indie musicians can gain more exposure, publicity, sponsorships, and a larger fan base by just understanding how valuable their music is to local businesses.  Your music has value to businesses because it can help solve the problems that most local businesses face.

Problems & Challenges of Businesses

1) Two biggest concerns of businesses: how to save money and make money

2) Other Needs and challenges of Businesses:

  • Increase competitiveness
  • Save Time
  • Make Work Easier
  • Build relationships, brand, image with customers and vendors
  • Expand business
  • Attract new customers
  • Retain existing customers

Value of Music to Solve these business problems and challenges:

1) Music Attracts Large Crowds & Gets People Attention

Everyone loves music.  Music has been used consistently to attract large crowds and large viewing audiences.  Just look at some of the most popular shows currently on tv: Glee and American Idol. The high school musical Glee returned for its second season with 13.7 million viewers.  Although the viewing audience for season 9 of American Idol dropped nine percent, the singing contest show brought in on average 23.9 million viewers.

So what does all of this mean? Music has the ability to get people’s attention and attract large crowds.  Radio advertisers have long understood the effect and power of music in commercials to capture people’s attention.  Research has confirmed this, showing that music activates the area of the brain involved with paying attention.  See Music Moves Brain to Pay Attention

Music also aids recall of advertising messages.  People are more likely to recall advertising messages that uses music.  Those listening to the advertisement will sing along, which increases their involvement with the advertisement and the likelihood they will remember it. How many of us still know the Oscar Mayer Weiner song or the Big Mac Jingle “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese…”? My point: People remember advertising that is paired with music.

So what does this mean for local businesses? Music helps local businesses draw attention to their brand and their products or services.  Music can help businesses capture the attention of prospective customers/clients.  Music is valuable in helping businesses become more competitive in a crowded marketplace.

2) Music influences shopping behavior

Sales: Experiments in supermarkets and restaurants show that slower music creates slower traffic flow, which means that people shop for a longer period of time in the supermarket and spend more time eating and drinking in the restaurant.  When slower music was played, the supermarkets saw a significant increase in their overall sales volume.

Desire: Research has also shown that people are more likely to desire a product that has been advertised in conjunction with music they enjoy than one that’s been paired with unappealing music or no music at all.

3) Music has a powerful effect on product branding

Music is effective in distinguishing a brand.  Music can help a product stand out in a crowded marketplace.  Oscar Mayer and McDonald’s distinguished their products with music and used music to gain product awareness.  We have seen this not only in the food industry but also in both the video game industry and the film industry.  Everyone knows the famous Super Mario Brothers music used in the popular Nintendo game.  In the film industry, we have seen this with film score.  Remember the chilling music used with the shower scene in the movie “Psycho”? The shower scene is probably one of the most memorable scenes in film history.

In the next post, I will discuss strategies that indie musicians can use to leverage the value of music for local businesses.

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