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Your Biggest Music Launch: Are You Ready?

Indie Music Marketing: Ready for Your Biggest Music Launch?

Ever wondered how music artists like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Beyonce are able to sell thousands and thousands copies of their albums sometimes within days or even hours?

What were the exact steps their labels took to create a big
launch and a buying frenzy?

How can companies like Apple launch a product and in ONE weekend create a buying frenzy and sell nine million units.

And how you can do it even if you’re starting with a small indie music budget?

Are you ready to have one of the biggest launches of your music online?

It is time to stop being inspired by these music artists and companies and time for you to get similar results by finally learning how this game is being played.

Time to study the rules of the game!

Time for you to be a student of marketing and stop being just a

On Friday, October 11th, the biggest launch in internet marketing history will happen.

Press play on the video below to learn how you can become a student of this launch and use it to prepare your biggest music launch.

The smart indie musicians who are students of the game
will watch this youtube video and watch this product launch closely
with notepad in hand.

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Music Marketing Tips: Promote Your Live Shows for Free Using Facebook! Here’s how!

Music Marketing Tips: How to Promote Your Live Shows for Free Using Facebook! 


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Music Marketing and Promotion: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between marketing and promotion?

Marketing and promotion are often confused.  So here is a quick and easy way to understand the difference between marketing and promotion.


Marketing is about getting your target market to know who you are, what you have to offer,  why you are offering it, and why what you are offering is something they want.  Marketing is about getting your target market to know, like, and trust you.

Do they know me? In order to get your target market to know you, they have to know that you exist.  Your target market need to know about you and your music.  How do you do that? You show up where they are.  You should know where your target market hangs out, what they read, where they shop, and what events they attend. You or your street team need to have a presence where your target market is at.  You can do this by performing where your target market hangs out, posting flyers where they are at, having an online presence through your website and social media sites. Your target market can also get to know you through word of mouth.  This is common with music marketing.  Most people hear about music artists for the first time from others, from their friends.  Basically, find out where your target market hangs out and show up there!

Do they like me? Ok, so once you are in front of your target market, now you have to say something or play music that they will like.  Connect with them! Engage with them! Care about them! Have a message and a purpose that resonates with them. What does that mean?  On a personal level, tell your market why you do music.  What inspires your music? What’s the mission behind your music?  On an artistic level, create music that they will like.  Marketing is about engaging and connecting.

Do they trust me? Sometimes you will find that once your target market knows you and likes you, they will probably trust you, but that is not always the case.  During this phase of marketing, your target market is thinking: “Ok, I know who you are and I like you and I like your music, but can I trust that your album or your live show is going to be as good as you say it is?”  There is a level of trust that you have to build with your potential and current fans.  If you are an established artist, your fans have to trust that your next album is as good as your first album.  If  you are a fairly new artist, your fans have to trust that your live show performance of their favorite song will be just as good as the album version.  Marketing is about building trust.

Promotion: Getting them to act.

Promotion is about behavior modification.  It’s about influencing and persuading others to act.  If you have done a successful job in your marketing, your market will say: “I know who musician X is, I like his/her music, I think the album will be amazing.” But promotion is about getting them to take the next step, getting your market to say “I am going to buy the album now.” If you are marketing a live show, you want them to say “I want to buy tickets now”.  How do you get your target market to say this?  Create compelling offers! Offer limited time only discounts/special prices, special limited edition albums, music packages and bundles.