How to Sell Your Music: 1 Important Key for Indie Musicians to Remember

I wanted to share with you one quick tip for selling more of your music as an indie musician.

Are you ready? You have to expose your music to more people.
I know what you are probably saying: That’s common sense Angela.
I already knew that. It is very obvious but I can’t tell you
how many indie musicians I see who are not exposing their music
to enough people.

There are many reasons why you may not be selling as much of your
music as you would like.These reasons could be: you are not making
enough great music, you are not exposing your music to enough people,
you are not exposing your music to the RIGHT people, or you are not
selling your music at the right price.

I want to focus on more exposure in this email. One of the most challenging
things for indie musicians is getting massive exposure. You are a new artist
and you don’t have the benefit of a huge record label marketing team pushing
your music.

If you are an indie musician, then you probably do not have
a HUGE marketing budget to market your music. Am I right?

You probably don’t have a HUGE marketing budget to hire
expensive marketing consultants and music promotion companies
to do your marketing for you. Am I right?

So, how do you get more exposure as an indie musician, without
paying a lot of money? You build a STRONG street team. A strong street
team can help you sell more of your music and even get paying crowds to your
live shows, and check this out: for very little cost to you!!! That is gold
to an indie musician.

You have to know how to build a strong street team that can go out and market
your music to the RIGHT people. You have to know how to train your street team.

2010 is almost over and I want to ask you a couple of questions. Where are you now in your
music career? How much progress have you made as a musician this year? Are you
in the same spot today as you were last year? Have you made more money as an indie
musician this year than last year? Are you satisfied with the amount of music sales
that you’ve made and the number of fans that you have?

Unfortunately, a lot of indie musicians go from year-to-year with the same dreams and hopes
and do not see them materialize. There are people who are waiting to hear the music that
you have. There are music lovers and musicially-challenged people like me :) who rely on
music every day to get through life! We need music! We need your music, especially if it’s great
music. You need to get your music in front of more people and you need a street team to do this.

I am passionate about helping you build a successful music career in 2011 and
helping you achieve the goals and the income that you have always said that you wanted
to make from your music, but haven’t made yet.

It is time to start seeing some real income from your music!

To help you, I am excited to announce a special offer for the
3M Street Team Marketing Plan Audio Series. For a
limited time only, the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan
Audio Series will be available for 50% off the regular price.

The regular price for the audio series is $19.99, but for a limited
time only, the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan Audio Series will be
available for only $9.99.

In this audio series, you will learn how to build, manage, and motivate
a street team. In this series, discover:

-the 3 best places to look to recruit and fill your street team with people who
will be excited to join your street team and market your music
-how to train your street team to increase your music sales and increase attendance
at your live shows
-how to avoid low performance from your street team
-the secret strategy to attracting a HUGE number of people who will come to you and
ask you to be a part of your street team
-how to maintain the energy and excitement of your street team members

The audio series consists of three mp3s, three bonus action guides, and a bonus
audio on how to create an awesome live show that attracts large, paying crowds and the
attention of the media.

If you purchase the audio series before Friday, December 3, 2010, I will include another
bonus audio, SMART Networking: How to Network at Music Conferences.

If you are serious about building a strong street team that will help you sell more music and
get more people to your shows, then you need to purchase the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan Audio

Remember, the 50% off sale is only good until Friday, December 17, 2010. If you want to get the
bonus SMART Networking audio, then you will need to purchase the audio series by Friday, December 3, 2010.

To purchase the audio series, go to:

To your success in 2011!

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