Indie Music Marketing: Sell More Music With Irresistable Offers

What is the key to getting more people to buy your music? Creating irresistible offers! What are irresistible offers? An irresistible offer is one that
gives the consumer a high perceived return on investment. This just means that it is an offer that addresses a core need of the consumer and has high value.  It is an offer that has convinced and “pre-sold” the consumer on the credibility and believability of the benefits that the product is marketing. How do you create irresistible offers with your music? Offer limited time only discounts/special prices, special limited edition albums, music packages and bundles. You should offer music packages and products that provide additional value to your fans.

The key to making an offer irresistible is that it has to be something that the people want and it has to address a need that they have. Your music has to address a need that your fans have and you have to position it in that way. Most musicians make the mistake of offering music
bundles that provide music and a t-shirt. A t-shirt is no longer good enough. A t-shirt does not add additional value to your music. You want to make sure that the additional bonuses that you offer in your package adds to and enhances your fans experience of your music. What are some examples? You can offer music video trailers, music videos, mini-movie, e-book based on your album, concert tickets, private parties/sessions, access to recording sessions, etc. You also have to remove almost all of the risk for the purchaser of your music. What do I mean by that? One of the fears that stop people from purchasing a product is that they may not like it. You have to make your offer so irresistible that it reduces that fear. One way you can reduce this fear is by offering one of the music packages that I just mentioned. If people want a product bad enough, if they believe that it is something that they need, they will accept the risk in making the purchase.

You can also reduce the perceived risk by providing testimonials of people who have listened to your music as social proof that your music is good. You should put these testimonials on your sales page. You can also reduce the perceived risk of purchasing your music by providing short preview samples of each song on your album.

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