Indie Music Marketing Series Part 4: How to Get Music Exposure, Sponsorships, and Publicity

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Strategies Indie Musicians Can Use to Leverage the Value of Music for local businesses:

1) Build a fan base that matches the target market of local small businesses

Locate and assemble their target market for them.  Approach the local business that seeks to reach the same target market.  Negotiate an agreement where you agree to market their products/services to your fans and the local business agrees to provide free or discounted products/services.  Build a partnership relationship with the local business.  Create a win-win situation for them. You may even agree to let the local business conduct market research using a survey that you would give to your fans to complete.  Again, you should make sure to communicate how this arrangement will meet their needs.  Emphasize the expense of advertising on radio or tv.  Discuss how this arrangement will save them money by reducing advertising costs and possibly make them more money by building a long-term relationship with your fans.  Discuss how you can also save them costs on conducting market research.

2) Create music for commercials and advertising that helps local businesses sell more

If the local business wants to pay for expensive tv or radio advertising, discuss how you can create attention grabbing music that will help the local business stand out in a crowded marketplace.  Again, communicate how this arrangement will meet their needs.  Emphasize how music can help make their commercials more effective and memorable.  Remember to mention how powerful music is in creating brand awareness and distinction.

What result can these strategies have on indie musicians?

  • more exposure for your music: Opportunity to have your music played inside businesses and stores, in radio and tv commericals
  • sponsorship for live events: When you solve the problems of businesses and meet their needs, you can start building a partnership relationship with them that could lead to sponsorship for your live shows
  • greater connection with your fans: When you start providing your fans with special discounts on products and services that they use and need through your partnership with businesses, you begin to interact and connect with your fans on a deeper level than most national recording artists can
  • create news and gain publicity: You can garner attention from the media, by solving the needs of local businesses.  You will stand out from other indie musicians who are only focused on self-promotion.  I can see the headlines now: “Local musician helps local businesses make money.”  “Local musician helps residents save money during tough economy.”

What result can these strategies have on businesses?

  • Save money on advertising costs
  • Build brand, brand awareness and visibility
  • Attract the attention of prospective customers/clients
  • Attract more customers
  • Establish emotional connection with their customers/clients

What result can these strategies have on your fans?

  • Save money through discounts on products and service

What result can these strategies have for the city you live in?

  • More thriving local businesses
  • More revenue for the city

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In the next post, I will discuss how your music as an indie musician can meet the needs of the media and can help you get more publicity and more attendance to your live shows and events.  You will discover the value your music has to the media

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