How to Manage a Music Street Team

This week is Street Team Marketing Week.  Yesterday I shared the components of the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan that I use when I coach my music clients.  The three M’s are: mobilize, manage, and motivate.  Yesterday I discussed how musicians and music entrepreneurs can mobilize a street team.  Read it here: How to Create a Music Street Team

Today I will share 4 tips on how to manage a street team.

Tip #1: Establish a clear structure. If you plan on building a large street team, then you should choose a team leader or multiple team leaders..  A team leader can help you share the workload and the responsibility of managing a street team.  You can delegate some important tasks to the team leader so you can concentrate on your music or music business.  When choosing a team leader, pick someone who is trustworthy and dependable.  The team leader should also have good management skills.  Determine how many team members the team leader will be responsible for managing and determine the team leader’s tasks.  Communicate to your team members the structure of your street team and let them know who they need to report to.

Tip #2: Train your Street Team.  Training is vital.  Give your street team the tools and marketing resources they need to do a great job for you.

Tip # 3:  Provide clear performance expectations. Set the specific goals that you want your street team to accomplish and the time frame to complete these goals.  You should establish your expectations about appearance and dress because remember, when your team members are going out and meeting people, they are representing you.

Tip #4:  Run an Organized Street Team. You should have a policy for tracking and measuring the progress and results of your team members.  You should also conduct regular meetings with the members of your street team or with street team leaders to go over progress and provide feedback.  Have a written agenda for every meeting.

If you have street team members who are in different states or cities, you can utilize social media tools to communicate and collaborate with them.  Good social media tools for collaboration are: Ning and Reverb Nation.  You can also use facebook and twitter.

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