Build a Music Street Team of People EXCITED to Market and Promote Your Music

Yesterday’s blog post discussed why you need a street team to market your music or music business. If you didn’t read the post, check it out here: Why You Need a Music Street Team

Today I will discuss the “3M Street Team Marketing Plan” that I use with the musicians and music entrepreneurs that I coach.  The 3M Street Team Marketing Plan consists of the 3M’s which are: Mobilize, Manage, and Motivate.  These 3M’s are essential to recruiting and building a music street team of people who are EXCITED to market and promote your music. I am going to share with you what I share with my clients. Today, I will discuss the first phase of the marketing plan, mobilize.

Step 1: Mobilize

The first step in the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan is mobilize.  During this phase of the plan, I help my clients locate the RIGHT people for their street team.  In this step you need to figure out what your mission is for the street team.  What do you want your street team to accomplish for you? Yesterday I discussed the five things a street team can do for you as an artist or music business owner.  Check it out here: Street Team Tasks

Figure out what you need the street team to do for you.  Come up with a list of tasks and jobs.  The next thing that I have my clients do is figure out the types of people who can do those jobs. So for example, if you need someone in your street team to hand out flyers for your next show, then you need to find someone who is personable and has great communication skills. Determine the skills and qualities needed to complete each of the tasks on your list.

Now with that list, brainstorm where you can find people who have those skills and qualifications.  Think of the people in your own social networks (i.e. your coworkers, family, friends, etc) and people who are not in your own social networks who meet those qualifications.

2 places to look to find people for your street team:

Your fan base/Your customers: Your fans are the best people to have your street team because they already like your music and will be excited to go tell others about you.  If you are a music business owner, approach your satisfied customers to be a part of your street team.

Music Conference/Festival: This is an often overlooked source.  The music conference is full of music interns and volunteers who love music.  Go up to these volunteers at the registration tables and tell them about your street team.  These volunteers obviously don’t mind serving and so they are “prime candidates” for your street team.

What qualities and characteristics should I look for?

The best people to have on your street team are people who are go-getters!  You don’t want people who are lazy. You want people who will get the job done and also take initiative.  Find people who can represent you well.  You do not want someone who will damage your image.  You should also look for people who can lead others.  I will talk more about leadership tomorrow.

After you have come up with this list of potential team members, contact these people.  I help my clients come up with a “script” that they can use to approach these people.  Make sure that when you contact your potential team members and ask for their help, that you are clear about what you want them to do.  Be honest and straightforward about the expectations you have for the street team.

To learn more tips on how you can build a street team who can sell more music and get more people to your live show, click on the video below:

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Why Vision is Essential for Marketing Your Music

On Monday, I discussed why vision is the most important factor in achieving long-term success in the music industry and I gave you five reasons why  vision is important for your music career.  On Tuesday, I talked about four action steps you can take to get a vision for your music carer.  If you have not checked out these two blog posts, you can check them out here: How to Get Successful in the Music Industry Faster, A Vision for Your Music Career: A How-to Guide.

Today, I will discuss why having a vision for your music career can help you get your music into the hands of the people who will buy it.  Vision gives you direction as a music artist by providing you with the ability to imagine the type of artist you want to be and the music you want to create.  Your vision of where you want to be 5-10 years from now should include the people most responsible for your success in the music industry, your fans! Vision will help you identify the fans you need to get you where you want to go in the music industry.  Vision can help you create a marketing plan that will identify these ideal fans.

4 Reasons why vision is essential for marketing your music:

1.  Vision helps you pick your ideal music audience

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say my vision is to become a national R&B recording artist with female fans between the ages of 20-25.  This is a great vision because it is specific.  See Tuesday’s blog post for how to write a great vision statement: How to Write a Vision Statement for Your Music Career.

This vision statement identifies my target audience (female fans between the ages of 20-25).  Since my vision is to become a national R&B recording artist, my ideal music audience is female fans located in the United States.  My audience is not females between the ages of 20-25 residing in foreign countries.  My audience is also not limited to the state that I reside in.  Do you see how my vision has clarified my marketing plan? My vision has helped me decide who I am going to market to and what states I am going to market in.  Too many artists want to answer these specific marketing questions without first determining the broader vision of their music career.

2. Vision provides you with a clear marketing plan to reach your ideal music audience.

Back to my example, since I have developed a clear vision of the artist I want to be, a national R&B recording artist with female fans between the ages of 20-25, I can now develop an effective marketing plan to reach my target audience.  I can now ask these questions: where do females between the ages of 20-25 shop? What magazines, newspapers, and books do they read? What television shows do they watch? What type of music do they listen to?  What type of R&B songs do they like and enjoy?  In my example, my vision helped me pick the target audience for my music and it helped me develop a plan to get my music in front of them. Vision can help you do the same for your music career.

3.  Vision helps you increase music sales.

Ok, so we have seen how vision can help you pick the best audience for your music.  Vision also helps you figure out the path you need to take to create the music they enjoy and will want to buy. Once you have identified your ideal audience, you can now figure out what music they are currently buying.  What music artists do they listen to? What music do they like? You should know what kind of music your target audience enjoys and make that music.  Simple, right? It really is.  If you know the demographics of your target audience and you know where you can find them, then now you know exactly how to put your music in front of them. So now you have the right music in front of the right audience and this my friend is where music purchases are made.

4.  Vision helps you create long-term success in the music industry.

Let’s recap. Vision helps you pick the ideal audience for your music.  Vision provides you with a clear marketing plan to get your music in front of the right audience.  So vision gets your music in front of an audience who will buy your music and thus increases your music sales and income.  This leaves us with the final and most important reason for why vision is essential for marketing your music.  Vision helps you create long-term success in the music industry because it helps you establish a long-term relationship with your target audience.  Vision clarifies your marketing plan by establishing the type of artist you are, identifying the ideal audience for the music you make, and revealing how to get your music in front of that ideal audience.  Therefore, vision helps you deliver the type of music your ideal audience wants to hear and wants to buy.  You will develop a long-term relationship with them because you are now consistently giving your audience what they need.

Music artists who have been successful in developing a long-term career in the music industry understand that consistently meeting the needs of their fans is a key to long-term success in the industry; vision can help you achieve that!