Action Day: Vision Statement Checklist

Get started writing a vision statement for your music career with this checklist:

  1. Set aside 15 minutes to start writing your vision statement.
  2. Ask yourself where do you want to be in the music industry five years from now
  • What music genre are you in?
  • Are you signed to a major record label? indie record label?
  • How many albums are you selling a year? singles? downloads? ringtones?
  • Are you touring? If so, how many people are coming to your shows? Where are you touring? locally? regionally? nationally? internationally?
  • What income are you making?
  • Who are your fans? age? gender?

3.  Now write down your vision using this format:

______________ (number of years), ____________ (your name/name of your business) will become a successful ___________ (description of your music genre or description of your music business: include if it will be local, regional, national or international) by providing ____________ (description of your products and services) to __________ (description of your fans or customers).

Next week is Music Marketing Week.

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Next Week March 8-12th: Vision Week

Next week’s blog theme: Vision Week.  Where is your music career headed? How can you start your roadmap to success?

I will discuss how you can get a clear vision for your music career and why vision is important for success.