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Are you a musician and you need to sell more music, get more people to your shows, and get more exposure? Learn how a street team can help you! On this call, I discussed:
* How to Build a Music Street Team: Discover how to find the right people for your street team

* How to Manage a Street Team: Discover how you can organize your street team so you can have more time to focus
on your music

* How to Motivate Your Street Team: Learn low-cost ways to get your street excited about marketing and promoting
your music
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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The 3M Street Team Marketing Plan Audio Series

It’s FINALLY here!  I’m excited to announce that the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan 3-part Audio Series has arrived.

I’m so excited! This 3 part audio series shows you how to sell more music, get more people to your shows and get more exposure by building a street team full of the RIGHT people who are excited and motivated to market and promote your music for no money.

You will learn how to build, manage, and motivate your street team.

To learn more about the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan Audio Series, click here: Street Team Marketing Plan

How to Motivate Your Music Street Team to Promote Your Music

This week is Street Team Marketing Week.  If you missed the earlier posts where I discussed how to mobilize and manage a street team, you can check out those posts here: How to Build A Street Team, How to Manage a Street Team.

Today, I will discuss three ways you can motivate your street team so they can feel empowered and encouraged to promote your music or music business.

1) Give positive feedback.

Thank your street team for the work they are doing for you.  You should let each of your team members know that their work is valued and appreciated.  Many street teams work really hard and deserve to be thanked for their efforts.  You should recognize the work that they do.

2) Give them a mission.

You should let your team members know how their work supports a broader mission that you are trying to accomplish.  As an artist or business owner, you should have a mission for the music that you do or a mission for your business.  You should communicate that mission to your street team members.  Let your street team know what you stand for, so they can feel like they are a part of something bigger than promoting your music or business.  Show them that they are promoting a cause or serving a bigger mission.

This approach works in the political world with campaign volunteers.  President Obama when he was campaigning, organized one of the most successful political campaigns because he was able to mobilize and energize a lot of young people to volunteer for his campaign.  Think of your street team as a campaign team.  Your street team is campaigning for your music or your business.

So how was President Obama able to mobilize, manage, and motivate the volunteers of his campaign team? In different interviews, members of President Obama’s campaign team mentioned that they felt like they were a part of something bigger than themselves.  They identified with Obama’s mission, to bring change.  What is your mission as an artist or music business owner?  Is it just to sell a lot of records and get paid?  If that is all you stand for, if your mission is to just get paid, then dream bigger and think bigger.

Your street team will not be motivated and energized by a mission that doesn’t involve them or a cause they can believe in.

So how can you learn what motivates the members of your street team? Talk to them! Get to know your street team.  What are their backgrounds, strengths, and talents?  What is important to them?  What do they value?  What do they hope to get out of the experience of being a part of your street team?

When you learn more about your street team and what they want to get out of the experience, then you will be able to meet their needs and satisfy them.  The members of your street team will begin to feel like they are not just helping you, but you are both helping each other.

3) Reward your Members. Reward the members of your street team.  Give them an incentive to do great work.  You should also make sure that you reward members who go above and beyond what is expected.  Some musicians and music business owners like to reward their street teams with the following:

-free t-shirts                            -free music CDs

-free tickets to shows             -free food

So the best ways to motivate your street team is to provide a mission, positive feedback, and rewards.

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How to Manage a Music Street Team

This week is Street Team Marketing Week.  Yesterday I shared the components of the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan that I use when I coach my music clients.  The three M’s are: mobilize, manage, and motivate.  Yesterday I discussed how musicians and music entrepreneurs can mobilize a street team.  Read it here: How to Create a Music Street Team

Today I will share 4 tips on how to manage a street team.

Tip #1: Establish a clear structure. If you plan on building a large street team, then you should choose a team leader or multiple team leaders..  A team leader can help you share the workload and the responsibility of managing a street team.  You can delegate some important tasks to the team leader so you can concentrate on your music or music business.  When choosing a team leader, pick someone who is trustworthy and dependable.  The team leader should also have good management skills.  Determine how many team members the team leader will be responsible for managing and determine the team leader’s tasks.  Communicate to your team members the structure of your street team and let them know who they need to report to.

Tip #2: Train your Street Team.  Training is vital.  Give your street team the tools and marketing resources they need to do a great job for you.

Tip # 3:  Provide clear performance expectations. Set the specific goals that you want your street team to accomplish and the time frame to complete these goals.  You should establish your expectations about appearance and dress because remember, when your team members are going out and meeting people, they are representing you.

Tip #4:  Run an Organized Street Team. You should have a policy for tracking and measuring the progress and results of your team members.  You should also conduct regular meetings with the members of your street team or with street team leaders to go over progress and provide feedback.  Have a written agenda for every meeting.

If you have street team members who are in different states or cities, you can utilize social media tools to communicate and collaborate with them.  Good social media tools for collaboration are: Ning and Reverb Nation.  You can also use facebook and twitter.

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Build a Music Street Team of People EXCITED to Market and Promote Your Music

Yesterday’s blog post discussed why you need a street team to market your music or music business. If you didn’t read the post, check it out here: Why You Need a Music Street Team

Today I will discuss the “3M Street Team Marketing Plan” that I use with the musicians and music entrepreneurs that I coach.  The 3M Street Team Marketing Plan consists of the 3M’s which are: Mobilize, Manage, and Motivate.  These 3M’s are essential to recruiting and building a music street team of people who are EXCITED to market and promote your music. I am going to share with you what I share with my clients. Today, I will discuss the first phase of the marketing plan, mobilize.

Step 1: Mobilize

The first step in the 3M Street Team Marketing Plan is mobilize.  During this phase of the plan, I help my clients locate the RIGHT people for their street team.  In this step you need to figure out what your mission is for the street team.  What do you want your street team to accomplish for you? Yesterday I discussed the five things a street team can do for you as an artist or music business owner.  Check it out here: Street Team Tasks

Figure out what you need the street team to do for you.  Come up with a list of tasks and jobs.  The next thing that I have my clients do is figure out the types of people who can do those jobs. So for example, if you need someone in your street team to hand out flyers for your next show, then you need to find someone who is personable and has great communication skills. Determine the skills and qualities needed to complete each of the tasks on your list.

Now with that list, brainstorm where you can find people who have those skills and qualifications.  Think of the people in your own social networks (i.e. your coworkers, family, friends, etc) and people who are not in your own social networks who meet those qualifications.

2 places to look to find people for your street team:

Your fan base/Your customers: Your fans are the best people to have your street team because they already like your music and will be excited to go tell others about you.  If you are a music business owner, approach your satisfied customers to be a part of your street team.

Music Conference/Festival: This is an often overlooked source.  The music conference is full of music interns and volunteers who love music.  Go up to these volunteers at the registration tables and tell them about your street team.  These volunteers obviously don’t mind serving and so they are “prime candidates” for your street team.

What qualities and characteristics should I look for?

The best people to have on your street team are people who are go-getters!  You don’t want people who are lazy. You want people who will get the job done and also take initiative.  Find people who can represent you well.  You do not want someone who will damage your image.  You should also look for people who can lead others.  I will talk more about leadership tomorrow.

After you have come up with this list of potential team members, contact these people.  I help my clients come up with a “script” that they can use to approach these people.  Make sure that when you contact your potential team members and ask for their help, that you are clear about what you want them to do.  Be honest and straightforward about the expectations you have for the street team.

To learn more tips on how you can build a street team who can sell more music and get more people to your live show, click on the video below:

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Why You Need a Street Team to Market Your Music

What is a street team?

A street team is a group of people who are recruited to promote an event, product, or business.  Many musicians and music entrepreneurs build street teams to promote a show, a new CD, or a new music business.

You should have a street team and an online team.  The online team can have some of the same goals as your street team: marketing and promoting your music or music business.  The main difference between these teams will be the location of where their activities will take place, one team concentrating on the “physical streets”, and the online team concentrating on “virtual” streets and neighborhoods.

5 tasks you can have a street team complete for you:

1) Hand out flyers and posters about you, your music, or your music business

2) Bring friends to your shows or business. Recruit people to come to your shows.

3) Talk about your band or your business online in forums, message boards, and social media sites

4) Maintain your websites and mailing lists

5) Wear t-shirts that promote your music or business

Why you need a street team:

A street team provides musicians and music entrepreneurs with an inexpensive way to promote their music or music business.

Get more exposure: Street teams can help you get your music or your music business exposed to more people.  Take advantage of the networks that your street team members belong to.  Your street team members should have different backgrounds so you can utilize their social networks.  Your street team members should have access to different social networks so you can expose your music or music business to many different types of people, who are within your target audience of course.

Free promotion and free help: Street teams provide free promotion.  FREE! Many musicians build a street team of unpaid volunteers.  This is free help and free marketing for your music or business.  Some street teams are compensated with free merchandise from the musician or business owner. Providing free merchandise is an inexpensive way to get help marketing your music.

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This Week: March 22-26 Street Team Music Marketing

All this week on the Music Success Coach blog, I will share strategies and tips on how you can recruit and build a successful and motivated street team who will be excited to market your music.

This week, learn why it is important for musicians and music entrepreneurs to have a street team. Learn the common mistakes musicians make in setting up a street team and the challenges they face in managing a street team.