Vision Roadblocks

During Vision Week, I have discussed the benefits of getting a vision for your music career.  I’ve shared how vision gives you direction  for your music career.  It prevents you from wasting time and money.  Vision also helps you increase music sales.  If all of this is true, why do so many music artists and music entrepreneurs fail to create a vision for their music careers? Here are three roadblocks that I’ve seen get in the way of music artists and music entrepreneurs:

3 Roadblocks to Vision:

1) Lack of planning time

Most music artists and music entrepreneurs do not set aside the time to plan their music careers.  They don’t take the time to plan.

I want you to set aside 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes is all you need to think of a vision for your music career.  See Tuesday’s blog post on how to write a vision statement. How to Write a Vision Statement

2) Unbelief

Many music artists and music entrepreneurs truly do not believe that vision is important to their music careers.  They rather spend time in the music studio creating music or working on their music business.  They think the whole vision process is a waste of time. This is not true. I discussed on Monday how vision can save you time and money.  By getting clear on the vision for your music career, you can make quicker decisions on how you are going to market your music and what music you will make.  Vision reveals the information you need to make these important decisions as an artist.

3)  Wrong Focus on Limitations

Your vision is your future.  It is not where you are at today.  Too many artists and music entrepreneurs focus on their starting location and not their destination.  They get stuck seeing what they don’t have and the recording contract they don’t have.  They stop imagining and visualizing what they want because somewhere on their journey, they started doubting whether they could become a successful music artist or entrepreneur.

Your vision is a mental picture of where you are trying to go. It is not where you are today.  Don’t become paralyzed by where you are today.

So how do you overcome doubt? How can you start to dream again? How can you stop focusing on your limitations? Start focusing on where you want to go.  During this stage in building a long-term music career, you envision the career you want to have.  Later, in the upcoming weeks, I will show you how you can examine the weaknesses and limitations you may have. Right now, I just want you to get a clear vision.

The second thing you can do to overcome these vision roadblocks is to surround yourself with a positive group of people who believe in you as an artist or entrepreneur.  Find a group of people who will support you on this journey.  Find other artists who are on the same journey.  You will need a strong support system to help you on your path to success in the music industry.

Tomorrow: Action Day! I will give you a checklist of things you can do to start taking action on all of this information.

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